MEAN stack web development

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node, a combination of document database programs and JavaScript software that allows developers to build dynamic websites and applications. Being a MEAN stack developer allows you to use each of these four open-source programs to develop for both the back-end (server side) and front-end (client or user side). MEAN stack developers are sought-after as they have in-demand development and IT skills

Our MEAN STACK Developer course will allow you to learn how to create MEAN-STACK web applications using the front-end and back-end #JavaScript technologies, which form the core of MEAN—MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and Node.js. As part of this MEAN Stack course, you will cover each module in detail and gain hands-on experience by executing real-world projects.This #MEAN STACK web development course helps you master skills like MongoDB, Express.js, #Angular, Node.js to make you successful MEAN stack developer.We provide online and classroom training with 100% job placement assistance.



ng-bootstrap with Sass


node js

Express js

mongo DB